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electrical DESIGN
At MNS Engineering MNS Engineering provides electrical design that includes Title 24, load calculations, panel schedules, single line diagrams, power and lighting design and obtains approval from LADBS or any local authorities.
Plumbing is the systems of pipes, valves, valve assemblies, drain fittings and devices installed in a building for the purposes of heating and washing, the removal of waterborne wastes and the delivery of water. There are major categories within the plumbing that serve various purposes. These categories include potable water, waste piping and natural gas piping. All of theses plumbing categories are serve important purposes while also providing different services. 

These NEC requirements for electrical work have been made to ensure that safe work practices are implemented to avoid any electrical hazards. The electrical codes help companies, employees, customers and residents in avoiding any possible injuries and fatalities due to shock, electrocution, arc flash and arch blasts. With the proper guidelines such as risk assessment, hazard identification, establishing an electrically safe working conditions and proper training the NEC establishes what is necessary for a safe environment.
When it comes to any electrical work that you have done on your business, building, or home you want to make sure that the National Electric Code is being implemented with any of your electrical. The NEC was created for proper instillation of anything electrical for safety reasons, which is why the codes should be followed. If you are in need of any electrical work you want to make sure that it is following the National Electric Code. 

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