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At MNS Engineering MNS Engineering we offer storm drain design, which includes SUSMP design, roof drainage plans, foundation drainage, sump pump design and obtains approval from LADBS or any local authorities.
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What is SUSMP?  In 2000 the State Regional Water Quality Control Board created SUSMP, which is the Standard Urban Storm water Mitigation Plan. This plan is designated as part of the municipal storm water program to handle storm water pollution for new construction and remodeling projects. SUSMP is very important when it comes to construction because it regulates how development project need to be designed in order to protect water quality. Any time rainwater falls on a roof or parking lot the water runoff may pick up various pollutants such as oil or trash, which is then carried off into bodies of water, such as the ocean. The impact of SUSMP is crucial because it offers technical guidelines for design projects that will reduce the negative affects on water quality from a development.

The following are the type of development projects where the Standard Urban Storm water Mitigation Plan is required.

Housing complexes that have 10 or more resident units
Single-family hillside residential buildings
Gas stations
Vehicle service locations
Both industrial and commercial buildings with one or more acres of waterproof surface area
Any construction with 2,500 or more square feet of waterproof area this is situated next to or directly draining to designated Environmentally Sensate Areas
Parking lots with 5,000 or more square feet of surface area or that have 25 or more parking spaces